How To Create A Land Listing That Sells

Selling land is more difficult compared to selling a home, wouldn’t you agree? When selling a raw, vacant parcel of land, you don’t have the luxury of using the magnificent interiors or the cutting-edge appliances as leverage to attract potential buyers. All you have is an empty space — and you might not know how to sell it. 

The good news is that it’s not impossible. Albeit a little more challenging than selling a house, there are things you can do to make your parcel of land look attractive. The Internet, as well, has made it easier to sell vacant lots, with over 95% of potential buyers flocking online to search for their next pieces of property. 

To sell your land, you just have to create a great listing! A strong land listing can give you access to a pool of interested buyers and even achieve a sale quickly and at a high value. Here are some tips to help you create a land listing that sells. 

Remember: First Impressions Count

The Internet may have made it easier to sell land. But it also makes people hasty to judge a piece of property based on the strength of its listing. The phrase “first impressions count” is more important now than ever. 

When listing your parcel of land, you need to make sure you’re showing it in its best light. A photograph speaks a thousand words, so take stunning, high-quality photos of your property’s unique selling point. This is easier said than done when it comes to vacant land, but you’ll want to show factors that can set your listing apart. 

Showcase the land and its surroundings. If it has an ocean view, mountain view, or is surrounded by rich greenery, these are things that you would want to show off. Present the key features that will make people want to purchase and live in that area. 

Showcase the Land in its Best Light

And by that, we mean paying attention to the quality and attractiveness of your photos! High-quality images that consider basic photography concepts can make an image more appealing and showcase a story. This can go a long way in getting people more interested in your land. For this, you might want to engage the services of a professional photographer. Although it’s an extra cost, it’s a worthy investment that will help you make a sale. 

Also, you should consider the medium in which you showcase your property. Are photos enough or can a video better capture your land’s USP? Maybe you can even do a 3D virtual tour that gives your buyers a walk-through of the land and its features. 

Provide All Important Land Details 

Give your buyers the convenience of getting all the pertinent information they need to make their decision. Listings with complete details have a higher chance of getting an offer compared to those that lack information.

In your listing, make sure to reveal all relevant information, such as, but not limited to: 

  • The exact location of the property
  • Map location to help potential buyers find it 
  • Nearby amenities, landmarks, and conveniences
  • Size of the lot
  • Features
  • Surroundings 
  • Asking price 
  • Your contact details 

The more information you add to your listing, the more able your potential buyers are to make a decision about buying your property. This makes a very strong listing, not to mention that you’re saving time and avoiding the hassle of replying to inquiries. 

Sell to Slate Land Buyers 

If you’ve already tried the above but haven’t had any luck with selling your parcel of land, maybe it’s time to revamp your gameplan. Instead of going through the hassle of posting a listing and conducting traditional real estate transactions, you can head to the pros and sell your land directly to us! 

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We understand the difficulty of trying to sell your land quickly and for a great price, so allow us to take the hassle out of your hands and help you liquidate your vacant land in less than 10 days! Get started by filling up a form of basic information about your parcel of land. Within 72 hours, we’ll make you a no-obligation all-cash offer. 

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