How To Time The Sale Of Your Land in 3 Easy Steps

Selling a parcel of land is more difficult than selling a home. This is because you don’t have the luxury of marketing your amenities, interiors, number of bedrooms and baths, or furniture that might come with the sale. When selling a raw piece of land, there’s not a lot you can leverage to make the sale quickly and for a good price.

Aside from that, you also have to consider the different market factors that affect the marketability of your land. Things like its location, price, accessibility, etc. matter. With all these things you have to keep in mind, trying to sell your parcel of land can be a challenge. 

If you’re here because you want to sell your land quickly and for a high value, you’ve come to the right place. One of the most crucial factors that come into play is your timing — i.e. when you post your listing and market your land for sale. Your timing, coupled with other factors, can make or break your selling efforts, so keep these 3 easy steps in mind to time the sale of your land. 

1. Highlight the Unique Features of Your Land 

As its owner, you should know your land best. You should be aware of the time of year or season where its unique features can be shown in their best light. Is your land perhaps more appealing in the summer because it overlooks the forest and has a lake nearby? Or are the greeneries surrounding your land lusher during spring? 

Knowing when your land looks its best can help you determine when you should put in your efforts to sell it. Doing so will make it extra attractive to potential buyers — not only because of how your raw land looks, but also because buyers will get the sense of purpose of buying the property at this specific time of year. 

Aside from knowing the best season to sell your land, you should also make sure to conduct maintenance efforts that will increase its appeal. These can include: 

  • Removing trash, leaves, or fallen ranches
  • Mowing the grass and keeping it freshly cut and watered
  • Highlighting features like its location, electricity, property lines, etc.

2. Pay Attention to Pricing 

As a seller, it’s understandable that you would want to get the best price for your land. However, be careful not to make your pricing too steep. Overpricing is the number one reason sellers have difficulty selling raw land. 

Make sure that your price is right by doing research on the other properties in your area. As much as possible, your price should be similar to how much other parcels of land like yours are selling for. This can work hand in hand with knowing the best time of year to sell your land. If your vacant lot has more features to boast, then you can increase your pricing accordingly.

Also, you may want to consider offering owner financing options to bring in more buyers. Down payments can be a burden for your potential buyers, making it less likely for them to make an offer without the option of owner financing. Consider offering a direct sale transaction, allowing buyers to pay for the property in arrears directly to you without having to engage a bank loan. 

3. Engage a Land Specialist 

Selling land is undoubtedly a difficult endeavor, especially when compared to selling a home with all its features and amenities. There are different rules when it comes to selling land, not to mention that the market also differs significantly. 

A lot of land sellers who engage real estate agents also don’t get the best results, considering the difficulties of selling vacant land and the fact that the commission of selling land is lesser compared to selling a home — most agents won’t put your land in their list of priorities. 

Here lies the importance of engaging a land specialist. These professionals specialize in selling vacant land, so you can guarantee they know the trends and best practices that will help you sell your land fast and for a great price. 

Slate Land Buyers purchases any type of vacant land in North Carolina. We buy your land directly from you without engaging a middle man like agents or banks. All you need to do is to tell us about your parcel of land and we’ll make you an all-cash offer in writing within 72 hours — with no surprises, hidden costs, or commissions! 

By contacting us, you eliminate all the hassle of selling your vacant lot, which may be costing you time, effort, and resources. With us, you can sell your land quickly and for a fair price! Contact us today and get an all-cash offer.

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